More Halloween fun! Now normally we get to see a lot of light displays for Christmas but not in this case down south, there is a big one for Halloween. A team of lighting experts set up a drive-thru lighting display synced to one of your favorite Halloween songs.

According to the YouTube description: it's located at the Hank Aaron Stadium in Mobile, Alabama.

"Thriller Nights of Lights" 1.7 Mile Long Drive-Thru Halloween Light Show. 30ft Witches, 250ft Long Wall of Lights, Giant 40ft Spiders, 36ft Webs, Several 10ft Monster Faces, Spooky Eyes arches, grave yard, candyland, 9000ch RGB Tunnel …..hundreds and hundreds of different lights props all synchronized to music.

Looks so cool, would be awesome to see in person. I guess it takes about 20-30 mins to get through. Creative Lighting Dispays shows ones for all seasons.

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