Casper may not be the biggest city in the country, but we have plenty of idiosyncrasies to differentiate us from other areas.

To help us compile a list, we took to our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), to find our what our listeners thought: You wouldn't understand unless you lived in Casper.

Whether you were born here or a transplant, these are the top 25 things you must experience to be considered a Casperite.

  1. You know 4WD isn't an option on a vehicle... it's a necessity
  2. You've eaten at Peaches
  3. You've eaten at Hamburger Stand
  4. You've eaten at Taco John's
  5. You've cruised the strip
  6. You've almost died climbing the falls
  7. You've been to a show or concert at the Events Center
  8. You've gotten used to being 2 1/2 hours from everything
  9. You've experienced Gravity Hill
  10. You've had to chase down your trash can outside
  11. Your smaller children have been blown away by the wind
  12. You've gone to school or work with 2-feet of snow outside
  13. 40 degrees is shorts and tank top weather
  14. You've experienced all 4 seasons in one week (or day!)
  15. You measure distance in time rather than miles
  16. You've had your Christmas decorations completely blown away
  17. You know who Thomas Gobbles is
  18. You've had to stop in traffic because of Thomas Gobbles
  19. You know directions (east & west) by which Wal-Mart you live closest too
  20. You know where other Wyoming cars are from by their license plates
  21. You have a legal gun and you know how to use it
  22. You don't let hurricane wind speeds stop you from enjoying the great outdoors
  23. It's dark outside when you go to work and it's dark again by the time you're off
  24. You've heard a friend, family member or co-worker say: hold my beer, watch this
  25. You get tired of telling outsiders not everyone rides a horse & you do own a car

Did you noticed you were laughing and nodding in agreement as you read the list? Did we miss any? If so, comment below and share this with your friends... especially if you’re proud to live in Casper!

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