Casper has grown a lot in the past decade. There are all kinds of new businesses that have opened within the last year, but there are quite a few that would be nice to have back.

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    Popeyes Chicken

    Located where Panchos is now, Popeyes was the other chain fast food chicken restaurant. It was conveniently located on the west side, so it really didn't have to compete with KFC, which was across town.

    Popeyes started out being a hit, but declining quality is what most attribute to the location not lasting. Maybe next time it could be done correctly.

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    Footlocker was a staple in the Eastridge Mall for years. Although Casper does still have quite a few shoe stores remaining, on the fashion side, as well as the sports aficionados and collectors, it was hard to beat their selection.

    DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media
    DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media
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    Hot Dog on a Stick

    The food court at the Eastridge Mall hasn't been the same since Hot Dog on a Stick closed. Known for their awesome corn dogs, tasty cheese sticks and freshly squeezed lemonade, it would be great to have them back... even if it was in a completely different location.

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    Mr. Steak

    For those born in the 1980's (or before), you may remember Mr. Steak. It was Casper's "go to" steakhouse for some time, especially for Sunday lunches and dinners. As their namesake suggests, they were known for juicy steaks, as well as potatoes and salads. Great food and great prices, a family of four could dine like royalty without breaking the bank.


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    TCBY Frozen Yogurt

    Ice cream is great, but for those that are either lactose intolerant or trying to watch their weight, frozen yogurt is a delicious alternative.

    TCBY was another longstanding Eastridge Mall staple. An online search quickly proved that the business is still alive and flourishing, just not in Casper.

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    RadioShack (Honorable Mention)

    For the DJs, sound engineers and band members, RadioShack was the place to get cables. There were two convenient locations: one in the mall and one on the west side.

    Whether you were looking for cables for car speakers, audio visual components or live sound, they were your quick one-stop shop. Very few physical stores still exist, but their website is still functioning. Regardless, for those emergencies when something is needed immediately, that's when RadioShack is the most missed.


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