It's not too late to prank the ones you love the most and here are 5 super easy pranks that will get a good laugh and probably won't get your butt kicked in the process.

  1. Put tape on the bottom of a co-worker's mouse - Quick easy and always a good laugh. This will probably take them a few minutes before they even think to look on the actual mouse.
  2. Rotate the home screen on a desktop computer - Also super easy and a good few seconds of fun. All you have to do is simultaneously press Ctrl, Alt and any one of the arrow keys.
  3. Change your Facebook relationship status - if you're single, change to in a relationship or if you are, do the opposite. Friends will flock to console you and offer death threats to the "one that did you wrong".
  4. Change the language on the Google search engine - This one is funny as all hell, but takes a few more steps, so to pull this off, click here!
  5. Put a fake parking violation sticker on a friend and/or relatives vehicle - This too takes just a little bit of work, but not too much. Just about everyone has access to a printer nowadays. Now... you're just one piece of colored paper and a Google Image search away from the laughter.

There you go. Have fun and enjoy your April Fool's Day!

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