In the last year or so, Burger King has been adding all kinds of limited edition Whoppers to the menu. Most of the time, what made them special was the color of the bun (like the Angriest Whopper or the Halloween Whopper) and/or some kind of added sauce or bacon. This time however, it's completely different!

Enter the Whopperrito! Other than the lack of a bun, what makes this Whopper different is it's wrapped in a flour tortilla. Also, instead of ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard, it boosts a "creamy queso" cheese sauce. The hamburger meat is (as their tag line states) is "seasoned with a special blend of spices to deliver the ultimate burger-burrito mashup".

The price tag for the Whopperrito is pretty decent. $4.99 will get you a small combo, which includes a drink and an order of fries. You can't even get a regular Whopper combo for that price anymore.

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