As the North Platte creeps a little closer every day to my office here at KISS-FM (which for those of you who've never visited, is right along the Platte River Parkway) - kinda brings back memories of about this time of the year in 2009.  The fair & rodeo was in full swing, we were getting ready for Fireworks Festival 2009 - and suddenly, the bottom fell out.

That year was more of a flash-flood situation than what we're currently dealing with - but for anyone that's new to town, or needs a refresher on what a flooded Casper, Wyoming looks like - check these out.

This was the scene on Beverly Street back in 2009:

Heavy, heavy rains that day - over 4.5 inches in less than an hour (some of the comments NSFW):

Cars trying to navigate the flood waters (which is generally a bad idea):

More evidence WHY driving in floodwaters is a bad idea, didn't even work out for the Casper PD:

As we deal with flooding this year - always stay close to 104.7 for the quickest route to emergency alert messages and conditions that might impact your safety.  We'll also keep you in touch through our Facebook and here at  Our friends at Natrona County Emergency Management also have text alerts and emails you can subscribe to.  Stay safe out there!