Have you ever wondered what city in Wyoming has lost more population than any other? Give yourself a cookie if you said Casper as a new report claims our city is the one being abandoned the most.

Nick Johnson of Homesnacks/RoadSnacks fame has shared a new video that counts down the city in each state that is losing residents more than any other. I've saved you some time and set Nick's video to start with Wyoming which alphabetically ends up last.

According to Nick's numbers, Casper has lost 415 residents in the last year which equals .7% of the population. That's Nick's math and not mine, by the way. That makes Casper the city in Wyoming that has lost the biggest percentage of citizens.

He says that the decline started around 2012 which he attributes to younger families not having as many kids and the obvious reduction in the energy industry over the past few years.

Is this a number you think will turn around or is this a part of a bigger downward trend? Only time (and the population count) will tell the tale.

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