I don't like to state obvious truths. It's a waste of your time and mine. However, I will share this news about Wyoming being named a best place to raise a family even though it is really kind of a big DUH.

There is a reason for my DUH which I'll explain in a little bit. First, the new 2021 ranking for Best States to Raise a Family was shared by Homesnacks. If you look at the map they created, it shows Wyoming a very bright blue which is a good thing.


Why did Homesnacks rank Wyoming as the 7th best state to live in? Here's a snippet of what they said:

Wyoming rocks when it comes to the stuff parents care about...There isn’t a state within 200 miles where you’d find a better combination of safety, great schools and happy, healthy homes.

They're not wrong. Now I'd like to explain why I added a DUH to this. For those of us that actually live in Wyoming, this stuff is obvious. It's not factored into the Homesnacks metrics, but I can add my own reasons why Wyoming is a great place to raise a family. We moved here a few years ago because we were tired of the super-fast pace of life in other bigger places. My family feels safe here and we don't have to sweat whether we remembered to lock our doors or not. We don't live in a rich part of town either. Not a lot of states can make that claim.

One question I have is how did Nebraska end up at #4? No offense intended, Nebraska, but you have a lot of corn to be ranked that high.

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