It always fascinates me how people that don't live here perceive Wyoming. A new "Unboxing Wyoming" video talks about some of those stereotypes and also claims that people think Casper is snobby. Let's see if you agree.

From the get-go, I want to say that I love Nick Johnson's sense of humor. But, be warned that while I find him super funny, you might not. He talks a lot of smack about what Wyoming is and what the rest of the country thinks Wyoming is. That second part is sometimes unfair and wildly inaccurate, but at least Nick tries to be humorous while he's hammering you.

While I think you'll want to watch all of Nick's video, you can go directly to the Casper part if you prefer at around 15 and a half minutes in.

Jackson = snobby skiers? For the most part, yes. Southwest Wyoming = dirt? Pretty much. Much of our state = coal? Kinda.

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With your permission, I'd like to highlight something in Nick's video you are likely to miss if you don't watch all of it. After he gets done roasting us, he talks to a real Wyoming native. I'm gonna quote his words here because what he says is spot on perfect.

I thought of Wyoming as the last free state in the I see clampdowns on freedom of activity, freedom of speech, freedom of movement...I think of us as just being normal people living our lives and we pretty much do what we want to do within the law...the people I know...we move here. We work and raise our families. In a lot of ways, we're very boring. But, boring makes for a nice may not be very interesting, but it makes for a nice daily life.

I LOVE that. Kudos to Nick for including that very Wyoming viewpoint in his snarky video. That's the message we'd really like the outsiders to understand. We may not be exciting by some standards, but we enjoy our normal life here.

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