It's one thing to be well off and another to be snobby about it. Once again Colorado has been declared one of the snobbiest states in America.

Quick disclaimer: I personally love Colorado. Have lived there multiple times in my life and still have good friends that live in the state. Overall, Colorado is swell. However, in Homesnacks new "Snobbiest States in America for 2021", they are again in the top 10.

Before I get into the "why" question, look at the map for yourself and notice that Colorado is #10 snobbiest.


I don't want to mischaracterize how Homesnacks came up with this ranking, so here are their exact words:

To determine the snobbiest states in America, we had to measure snobby things, based on the number of snobby factors in each metro area. You know, the places where people are wealthy, live in big homes, attend theaters, shop at organic markets, and send their kids to private school.

They also included the number of college graduates. I would think that would be a good thing and not a snobby thing, but then again I don't consider myself a snob so maybe I just don't understand.

Homesnacks isolated Vail, Boulder and Greenwood Village as snobby cities in a snobby state. The fact that they call the snobby hippies in Colorado "snippies" made me seriously laugh.

California made the top 10 also just so you aren't disappointed.

As for Wyoming, we're apparently considered pretty down to earth as we're way down in the 30's for snobby states. Apparently the Homesnacks people have never heard of Jackson.

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