Casper Police descended on the New Day Spa in Casper on Thursday, executing a search warrant for a case allegedly involving prostitution and human trafficking.

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That's according to the Casper Police Department, who told K2 Radio News that a special response team, searched the downtown Casper spa Thursday afternoon.

Sgt. Joshua Albrecht with the CPD told K2 Radio News that they have made one arrest in the case.

"We executed a search warrant on the New Day Spa in connection to suspicion of human trafficking," Albrecht told K2 Radio News. "This search warrant is in regards to an investigation that's been going on for the past year. As far as victims and arrests, I can't really give you too much information about that other than there has been one arrest made so far in connection to it. But the investigation is still ongoing."

Sgt. Albrecht could not confirm on the record who the suspect was that CPD arrested.

He also stated that there were people inside of the spa when the search warrant was executed, despite previous reports.

Sgt. Albrecht also told K2 Radio News whether this search yielded any victims.

"We were able to take one victim out of there, yes," he stated.

The lead investigators on this case, Sgt. Albrecht said, was the CPD Problem-Oriented Response Team, which consists of six officers.

A brief Google search of 'New Day Spa' yielded search results that would certainly seem to suggest that there is a correlation between the spa and alleged instances of human trafficking.

A Facebook page shows a collection of young, Asian women in various states of undress. Most of the photos were uploaded in 2020. There is a phone number included on the page, with the comment 'Call me honey.' That phone number on the Facebook page matches that of the business number, as it appears on Google. The page has 218 friends, most of whom are men.

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The officer stated that the Casper Police Department will put out more information in the coming days related to this investigation.

K2 Radio News will update this breaking story with additional information as it becomes available.

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