Two people were arrested Saturday evening at the Walmart on East Second Street after they each allegedly took a box of condoms and ran from security.

Kyle Crackenberger, 18, was arrested on charges of interference and shoplifting. A male juvenile was also arrested, but his name and recommended charges have not been released.

Officers were sent to the store at 6:40 p.m. Saturday and met with a security worker who said she saw the pair looking at condoms and became suspicious because she believed they were too young to purchase them.

The security worker watched the juvenile and Crackenberger each take a box of condoms and walk towards the store's toy section. She followed, and watched them pass all points of sale as they headed for the exit.

The security employee tried to stop them, but the pair took off southbound toward Eastridge Mall.

Officers at Eastridge Mall found the pair and tried to speak with them, but they allegedly ran off. Despite officers' commands for the pair to stop, Crackenberger and the juvenile kept running.

Police officers chased them down and were able to stop them after several minutes. Crackenberger and the juvenile were each found to be carrying a box of condoms, court documents say.

Crackenberger reportedly told officers he and the juvenile were in town from Sheridan, planning to meet up with females later that night.

Crackenberger allegedly said he wasn't thinking clearly and felt too embarrassed to buy the condoms, so he and the juvenile decided to "take them."

Crackenberger was arrested and trespassed from all Walmart stores for life.

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