The Casper Police Department need your help with something. If you're a criminal, they would greatly appreciate it if you'd pause committing your crimes so they can deliver food for Meals on Wheels. Thanks.

Less than an hour ago, some of Casper's finest shared this pic on Facebook showing their valiant efforts to make sure no one goes hungry today.

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It's an easy thing to take for granted and/or forget, but a 4-wheel-drive vehicle is a necessity this time of year if you need to get from point A to point B. That means delivery of food to those in need by Natrona County Meals on Wheels can be a real challenge.

We shared their plea on the radio show today, but it's very much appreciated if you could make yourself available if you have the time and reliable transportation. You can get more info from the official Natrona County Meals on Wheels website or call 307-265-8659.

Well done, Casper Police Department. If you're a criminal, please know they'll return to busting your big bad selves as soon as the food gets delivered.

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