Whether it's a game day, a tasty snack or spicy main course, English chef, Gordan Ramsey has you covered with his new Hot Ones inspired, baked hot wings recipe.

In this new short video (shown above), Ramsey shows just how easy it is to make the perfect hot wings, using any type of hot sauce you so choose, to make them as spicy or mild as desired.

I also love the fact that he added a link to the actual recipe (which can be found here). The recipe states the prep time is about 15 minutes, with the cooking time being roughly between 30-40 minutes, so the entire process shouldn't take you longer than an hour before you can be enjoying these with your friends and family.

In case you've never seen it, Hot Ones is a YouTube series on the channel, First We Feast. The show features interviewer, Sean Evans, asking questions to celebrity guests, while they both eat 10 wings at increasing levels of spiciness. The episode Gordon spoke about at the beginning of his cooking video is shown below. It has already ballooned to 81 million views (up another 6 million views since February 4th, 2021).

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