Wyomingites have always been a proud bunch. The owners of Sailing Yacht Janice of Wyoming are no different.

I lucked up on this beautiful 130-foot sailing yacht after seeing videos of the craft shared by Facebook page Superyachts in Auckland (New Zealand), which is where she was built.

SY Janice of Wyoming is an aluminium sloop (a sailboat with a single mast). According to her official website, construction began on her in June 2003 and she was completed in March 2005. The website also states:

It incorporates surfaces finished with unique fossil stone from the Owner’s home state of Wyoming as well as fluted posts and Italian marble.

Both the cost to build this beautiful craft and her owners are shrouded in mystery. Honestly, you can't blame them. "Janice" is equipped for world sailing and has everything needed for both comfort and the technology to conduct business while traveling on the high seas.

It's always a pleasure to see Steamboat emblazoned on anything, especially on something as large as a sailing yacht.

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