This is by far the most awesome video on the entire internet right now. There's a new fan-made, DC and Marvel crossover movie trailer called Infinite Crisis.

The video was posted to YouTube yesterday (January 21st, 2021) by AListProductions. At its core, it is a collage of television and movie clips from every single Marvel and DC property from as far back as The Incredible Hulk series from 1977 to the latest  episodes of The Flash, while also neatly incorporating the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and DCEU (DC Extended Universe) films, along with everything in between. What makes it so awesome is it actually plays like a movie. They all fit together so well, that this could actually be a real thing!

This will probably never, EVER, happen, so I'm overjoyed that AListProductions took the time to show us what this level of a crossover could look like. This was done so well, I was teary eyed at least twice while watching. Once was during a Black Panther montage (that got me because of the recent passing if it's star, Chadwick Boseman). The other time was seeing a digitally aged version of Superman star, Christopher Reeve, who passed away back in 2004.

Again, this video was so well edited, it shows the dream of every comic book fan and superhero movie aficionado across the globe.

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