There is nothing quite like watching the majesty of nature. There is a reason for the term "eagle-eyed" and this video embodies it.

The viral video posting Twitter account, TheFigen, recently shared a video of an eagle diving into a huge body of water to catch a fish from an incredible height! The video was captioned with:

Wow what eyes!

According to the, eagles have the ability to see objects the size of a rabbit at more than three miles away.


An eagle-eyed viewer corrected me. The bird is actually an osprey (also known as a sea hawk, river hawk, and fish hawk), not an eagle. After doing a little more research, I found the video below which shows a bald eagle chasing off an osprey that was apparently hunting in his territory. Be aware, some of the language in the video is NSFW. The in air bird fight begins at about the 1:12 mark of the video.

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