Peacock's 'Yellowstone' has exploded into a Western-Craze phenomenon. People across the U.S. don boots, spurs, and Stetsons to evoke the Dutton lifestyle...but I would hazard a guess that many of those fans have never actually visited Yellowstone National Park. Wyomingites know that Yellowstone is a magical magical that apparently, it turned a famous comedian into a Dutton after a visit.

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No, not literally, of course. But during Leyba's 'Fallon Tonight' appearance, comedian Orlando Leyba said that he suddenly understood everything John Dutton stands for during a visit to Yellowstone National Park for a wedding.

In the video, Leyba describes John Dutton as "a man who doesn't want outsiders moving in, buying up the land, and turning it into a Whole Foods." Let's be honest...That describes like 90% of Wyoming, too. Though, I wouldn't necessarily say 'no' to Whole Foods (have you seen their peanut butter bar?)

Leyba said that before visiting the park, he was in love with the visuals of the TV show. Who wouldn't be? Yellowstone National Park is stunning - and so is Montana, where most of the show is filmed. But Leyba didn't really "get" Yellowstone until his friend's wedding.

According to the skit, Leyba headed to Yellowstone for his friend Eric's wedding. The second he stepped off the plane, he felt transported to "Narnia." Nope - not Narnia, but pretty darn close. Our animals don't talk in Yellowstone, and you definitely don't want to try and have a tea party with a bison. However, Yellowstone is one of the prettiest places on Earth.

Hilariously, Leyba said he suddenly "became" Kevin Costner after taking in the majesty of Yellowstone, and he suddenly felt the urge to defend his turf in the hotel courtyard. During his visit, Orlando said he met "real" cowboys and cowgirls, calling them "good people." His adventure sounds like a fun one - full of bison, cucumber water, and elk "with coat racks." Check out the entire skit below:

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