Natrona County has completed structural repairs to the bridge in Alcova that spans the North Platte River below the Alcova Dam, according to a prepared statement.

The repairs followed a June 3 report from the State Bridge Engineer about the deterioration of the piles supporting the bridge on Kortes Road (County Road 407), and subsequent restrictions on bridge use. The county then closed Black Beach and Cottonwood Beach campgrounds at Alcova Reservoir because Kortes Road was the only land access to those beaches.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation restricted travel to one lane on the bridge and posted load limits at 12, 22, and 25 tons for the Type 3, Type 3S2, and Type 3-3 Wyoming legal trucks respectively. The beaches were reopened by the end of June.

In November, the county awarded a contract to Reiman Corp. in Cheyenne for repairs on the bridge.

With the installation of steel structure and concrete footers, the bridge will reposted at 14 tons (28,000 pounds), 26 tons (52,000 pounds) and 29 tons (58,000 pounds) respectively. Two-lane traffic will be allowed on the bridge again.

The entire bridge is scheduled to be replaced by 2018.

Drivers of vehicles with loads weighing more than the posted limits still will need to make arrangements to access the roadway over Alcova Dam. Drivers should call the Natrona County Sheriff's Office at 235-9284 and ask for Lt. Mike Steinberg, or call the Casper Dispatch Center at 235-9300 and request a deputy to meet the driver at the dam to open and close the access gates to and from the spillway crossing.
All vehicles that weigh more than the posted limits for the bridge structure are prohibited from crossing the structure.

Violations of the posted load limits will be strictly enforced by Natrona County.