We love whenever Aquile comes back to his roots here in Casper, whether it's to perform or just to hangout. He recently released the single "Faded" with Dawty Music and California rapper ill Nicky.

Our very own DJ Nyke has some musical roots of his own here as well. Matter of fact, he and Aquile have been friends, as well as musical collaborators, for the greater part of the past decade.

This is the duo performing an original song written by Nyke titled: "Love & Basketball". After watching the classic chick flick of the same name, he decided to use that for the title. The song uses the popular sport as a metaphor for the art of love. It was originally written for a woman Nyke was attempting to court (no pun intended).

Nyke has stated several times that he couldn't imagine anyone other than Aquile ever singing the song. He told us:

Aquile's voice and the level of emotion he exudes into the melody makes all the difference. It wouldn't... it couldn't be a song without him on it.

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