I remember my preteen years quite fondly (no matter how many eons ago it was). I was an avid bike rider and often attempted to display my prowess of vertical/airborne feats. I also managed to fall, break bones and scratch my fair share of knees and elbows and other various body parts. I have thus passed on the mantle.

My oldest child, Jalano, has taken up skateboarding. He's not bad for a 12-year old, but he's nowhere near Tony Hawk either. Also, he's been living in the flat lands of California the last 3 years. Last Friday (August 8th, 2014), while showing off to for my middle boy, Terrian, Jalano attempted to traverse terrain he wasn't familiar with and ended up with a decent amount of scrapes, bruises, scratches and swollen body parts. That being said, no bones were broken... thank the Lord.

Considering my son was wearing no safety equipment at all, he got me to thinking why helmets (and other safety equipment gear) are paramount.

  1. The pavement always wins!!! 
  2. Wyoming drivers can't always see the best with hills, snow, animals and other diversions. A helmet may be the only thing between your skull and a pick-up truck with a lift kit pushing 40mph.
  3. Wyoming has a lot more wildlife than more populated states. Translation: you have more moving obstacles to navigate around, from rabbits to antelope. The animals seem to be braver here as well.
  4. Brain damage is irreversible. 
  5. Camera phones are everywhere!!! With our smaller population and social media being everywhere, your crash will be seen by all and you are more likely to end up famous or infamous (especially having a father that works at a radio station. Teehee.)