Every time you start to get used to how things work, they up and change. iTunes upgraded (why?), Windows 8 (really?), my cable box... and last but not least, Facebook... AGAIN!!!

I was just getting used to looking at my Timeline the way it was (and I fought that change almost forever), but this week marked a new change. And there may be more on the way soon. Facebook has been experimenting with users in New Zealand on a more "single column Timeline that focuses more on instant messaging" since January 9th of this year. But are we just now getting the upgrade? And why weren't given the option whether we wanted to switch or not like before?

I'm unsure whether the subtle changes I've seen so far are the same ones the New Zealanders have been playing with, but it does appear to "tidy" up the look of the overall Facebook Timeline. I just wish they'd pick a style and stick to it... at least for more than a few months. Don't they realize we don't like change?