It's time to start thinking about fall crafts and some fun creative ways to decorate for Halloween.

I have many thoughts on doing unorthodox pumpkins. Although I thoroughly enjoy the carving of pumpkins, the last few years I have opted to do other types of pumpkins.

This one is the button pumpkin! Pretty plain and has buttons on it. There are arrays of ways you can arrange your buttons, a simple BOO or maybe polka dot orange and black? Thinking that's what I will do this year some holes for light but other wise black and orange buttons. You can even fit Halloween on the bigger ones.

Again I chose to go unorthodox with purple instead of the black and Orange but purple is still considered Halloween themed, so shake it up if you want.

Things you'll need: 

Pumpkin, buttons, hot glue gun or regular glue ( keep in mind this takes longer to dry and can get messy or slide) and ribbon.


Charene Herrera TSM