Everyone's talking about the new touchy-touchy going on with the TSA.   What do you think?   Price we pay for keeping safe in the days of terrorism, or violation of our privacy/rights?    Here's more from MSNBC:

If you refuse to go through one of the Transportation Security Administration's new full-body security scanners at the airport, don't be startled if a TSA employee grabs you by the private parts, according to travelers who have undergone security inspections that they claim would be illegal sexual assault if they weren't being done by the government.

If you're lucky, you simply get waved through the metal detector. If you're not, critics say, it's a Hobson's choice: You can pose for uncomfortably graphic full-body images in the new scanners, more than 300 of which are in use across the country, or you can get groped by the government. "If they refuse that, they will not fly," said Dwight Baird, a spokesman for the TSA.

That means "we're going to continue to get more and more violated," said Jennifer Lynn Woods of Salt Lake City, Utah, who said "I looked like somebody just about to cry" after she was randomly chosen for what the TSA calls an "extended pat-down" at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix this week.

During her inspection — which Woods said took place in a small cubicle in view of other passengers — an agent patted up her legs from her ankles and cupped her genitals. Then, the agent pulled her elastic skirt band away from her waist and looked down her skirt, she said.

"By the end of it, I had my arms across my face and didn't want to have anything to do with it," said Woods, who said the "humiliating" experience left her feeling like she'd been molested.

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