I want to be clear that what you're about to see did not happen in Wyoming, but there's a very Wyoming reason why I'm sharing it. It's video of a guy who was running from a bear and then made the genius decision to stop and feed it ice cream.

Yes, this really happened and here's video proof.

There are two very key facts that you need to know about this. First, this happened in Russia. Breaking News: Russians are weird. Second key fact is that this is a circus bear as noted in the description on YouTube:

This is a circus bear Tom, he is 1.5 years old. He is very kind and not dangerous. We decided to do such a video as he runs after me and then eats ice cream.

Knowing this makes me think this guy was PROBABLY safe. I put that word in all caps because it's common knowledge (to everyone who isn't Russian) that even a bear you think is domesticated can turn on you. NBC News shared a story of how a Russian circus bear attacked his handler last year.

The Art of Manliness (one of my favorite website names ever) shared some bear attack survival tips. In yellow they included the reason why it's a very bad idea to run from a bear. When you run from a bear (even a somewhat friendly one), you are more or less yelling at the top of your lungs "I am prey" to the bear. The bear thinks "hmm, this person is running from me and obviously wants to be my snack".

The Wyoming reason behind my share of this is you just know someone who plans to visit Yellowstone will see videos like this and think "that looks like fun" and attempt this sort of behavior if they come across a bear in Yellowstone. If that happens to you, please don't unless you want to be on the news in the worst way possible.

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