I love nothing more than sitting on the couch with a hot cup of tea, snuggled under a cozy blanket with a kid (or two) or a cat, watching a cheesy Hallmark Christmas Movie.

It's comforting and calming to immerse yourself in an hour and 20 minutes of "everything is going to be just fine" vibes.

And, while I know the plots are all the same may have some similarities, you don't REALLY know exactly what will happen until the end.

Will it be the sassy best friend that cues the main character in to the fact that she doesn't really hate Billy her high school ex, but is instead in love with him?

Is it the little old lady across the street or the main character's dad that confronts her about her bad attitude?

I thought it would be fun to mix things up a little bit by writing a Hallmark Christmas Movie Generator that creates movies that could only take place in Wyoming.

Hallmark Christmas Movie Generator: Wyoming Style

Who doesn't love to make their own Hallmark Christmas Movie?! Just for fun, we created a Hallmark Movie Generator that's 100% Wyoming.

What do you think?

Did the Country Vet and Barrell Racer survive the Bear attack and fall in love?

I personally thought the plot twist of "a 90 mph wind rolling the truck (but in a way where no one got hurt)" was #funnybecausitstrue

If you love laughing about Hallmark Christmas Movie plots you'll love this video too.

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