Our most hated food is pretty much the absence of a food we love? Just go with me on this one.

I'm willing to admit that I'm not the most educated person on the planet. Shocking, I know. And I'm ignorant when it comes to gluten. From what I can gather, gluten is a combination of proteins that are found in wheat. Some choose not to eat them because they feel that they are harmful to your body in the long run, others have medical issues that prevent them from eating them, like Celiac disease. If either of those describes you, you're in the wrong place for finding love.

We can't stand "gluten-free" in the Cowboy state.

At least that's according to Hater's list of the most despised foods in each state. Hater is a dating app that allows you to find love with someone based on the things you hate. From that data, Hater has found that when it comes to Wyoming, we want our wheat proteins and hate when thing are gluten free.

You can see the rest of the map here.

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