Being a single guy, it's likely that I'll be invited to some sort of Holiday Weekend get together. When I was younger, it was pretty much a guarantee that I'd bring something booze related to a cookout.

As I've now gotten older, when I get an invite there are a couple things I think about when deciding:

  1. if I'm going to go
  2. what I'm going to take as my contribution

Here's what to look at to decide if I'm even going to go.

  • How far of drive is it? - Longer drives will deter me, because you have to drive home.
  • What kind of environment will the cookout be held? - If the majority of the activities are outdoors and in a relaxed location that is a positive.
  • Do they expect me to dress up? - If it's not a funeral, I'm not dressing up. Ask me to wear a tie or nice clothes, that is a "thanks but no thanks". 
  • Who else is going to be there & do I know most everyone?
    • do I know everyone - likely that I'll go
    • some - chances are pretty good, but not 100%
    • or few - chances are very slim. 
  • What's on the menu? - Burgers, Steaks, Hot Dogs, Brats I'm in. Seafood, crawfish...etc...not interested.
  • Are there going to be kids (as I get older, I realize many of my friends have kids and it's not likely it will be kid free) - I'm ok with kids, but I do like adult time and not having to be a babysitter
  • Will booze be on site? If there's beer or better...that almost trumps anything. Any event can be tolerable with Budweiser.

Over the years I've gotten pretty good at buying and taking something that's probably going to be a fan favorite.

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