You are skipping from one bar to the next, not really realizing that for the cost of three or four drinks at a bar, you could get completely ANNIHILATED by drinking a few at home by yourself . . . in your underwear.

But exactly how much do bars mark up their drinks?

We came across a recent study in Business Insider that says most people that frequent bars across the nation are subject to a 300 to 400 PERCENT across the board.

Here's how it works...

- When it comes to beer, you tend to get more value if you ask for an import beer in a bottle. Premium beers in a bottle markup to around 300% on average, while the other bottled beers jump to 400%...for drafts it's near 456%, while premiums from a draft are around 355%.

- Here's a tip with mixed drinks, not unlike the beers...order a top shelf liquor if you want the most bang for your buck. Expensive alcohol is marked up at near 300%, basic well liquor is near 456%.

- No matter the shot, you are pretty much screwed. Expect a 400% markup no matter the brand you prefer.

- Wine is marked up to around 350% if you get it in a glass. Close to 200% in a bottle...and again, around 150% in a PREMIUM bottle.

Long story short, drink wine during a night on the town if you want to stick it to the man. That, or avoid all cheap brands and order the premium drinks for the most value.