One of my favorite YouTube series is Hot Ones with Sean Evans on the First We Feast YouTube channel. They get stars from all genres of entertainment to come on the show, eat extremely hot sauces on chicken wings and talk about pretty much anything.

A recent episode published in late March featured comedian Theo Von. In a weird reversal of roles, Theo asked Sean what he did for living prior to hosting the web series and that's where the quick, yet funny jab at the Cowboy State takes place (at about the 11:02 minute mark).

I'm a fan of the show because I love hot food, hot wings and Sean never pulls punches on asking the hard questions... even when the guests are in tears or vomiting from the intense heat of some of the sauces. As a matter of fact, my favorite episode featured basketball great Shaquille O'Neal. After stating publicly that he would not make any funny faces while eating the wings, Shaq eventually buckles in a major way. #Hilarious!

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