You can't open up apps like Twitter or YouTube without seeing some type of Wyoming jokes these days. It's not like picking on the Cowboy State is anything new. It's been going on for as long as I can remember (so that's at least over 40 years).

I was recently doing my daily Instagram scrolling, when I came across one of my favorite social media comedians, Trey Kennedy.

Trey is very talented. In addition to being hilarious, he's also an accomplished singer and he can dance. Also, he's pretty clean cut, so he's safe for mom, dad, grandparents and the kiddos to watch.

One of his latest comedy videos described life in Casper to a tee (although in his defense, he didn't call out anywhere specific). Instead, he just called it: "Every Small Town".

I personally got a kick out of the short little video, because from the beginning, it hit home with me. It starts with someone off camera stating (although it almost sounded like a question): "your whole family still lives in this town". To which he responds:

Yup, yup! All seven of my brothers and sisters... and sixty-two cousins, too.

I have EXACTLY seven siblings and honestly, closer to about a hundred cousins that live here, but I still found it hilarious.

It only gets funnier (and more like Casper), as the video goes on.

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Again, Trey never says anything about Wyoming or Casper, but every time I watch the video, I can't believe how accurate it is to the majority of our population (my family included).

Maybe that's what makes it so funny.

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