The internet has been a buzz as of the last few days with allegations of Kanye West's possible infidelity on fiancee, Kim Kardashian with the stunningly beautiful Brazilian singer, Natalia Damini.

West & Damini were supposedly spotted together in Europe AND Rio de Janeiro. Now considering Natalia's new singles have been making some major moves in America as of late (she's even recorded a new single with Nicki Minaj), it could have been strictly business. West does own his own music label which houses singers, rappers and producers. But according to unnamed sources, he was all over her. Those same sources say Kim is worried Ye is cheating on her.

I'd say take that with a grain of salt. Kanye has been known to do what most would consider dumb things (like countless 30 minute rants on tours), but he has a dime piece at home... with a new baby. I don't see the need for him to trade up (if that's possible), especially with them pushing up the wedding date.