Back in October, a Worden, Montana football player by the name of Koni Dole broke his right leg. Unfortunatly doctors had no choice but to AMPUTATE a portion of his leg due to a terrible infection.

That didn't seem to stop him, and made a personal goal to play for MSU one day...even though doctors were doubtful.

Three months later, and after many rehab sessions, Dole returned to the school to join the wrestling team. And then this last spring, he joined the TRACK team using his new prosthetic leg. Yet he still had football in his sights.

Fast forward a year later, Dole was back on the football team, and despite his injury he managed to score TWO RUNNING TOUCHDOWNS in his team's home opener of the season. His team wrapped up the game with a score of 45-0.

Dole claims this was the best feeling he's ever had in his life, but this was probably something that came just as close...Montana State Univerisity offered him a spot on their team.