Are you up for a hefty Wyoming hike? Do you have a decent vehicle that can off-road a little bit? Oh, and how do you feel about ghosts because legend says a hike up a mountain near Cody is haunted.

Hats off to Only In Your State for the catch on this one. My family has been through the Cody area several times and I was aware of the mountains near there, but had no idea of the legends claiming Cedar Mountain is haunted.

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I've seen lots of locals sharing their adventures up Cedar Mountain and it seems like a fairly regular walk.

According to the Only In Your State article, many have reported hearing the footsteps and voices of adventurers that have lost their lives on the trail. A lot of activity seems to be centered around Spirit Cave on Cedar Mountain. It's pretty eerie when you get deeper into that cave system.

I nosed around All Trails to read reviews and while many mentioned the great scenery on the hike up the trail, there wasn't much mention of the paranormal. However, Haunted Places rates Cedar and Spirit Mountain as 89% likely haunted by their readers who have shared their experiences there. Here's a snippet of why:

Cedar Mountain was once called Spirit Mountain in reference to the many people who have been lost in the area’s many caves. The caves and canyon are said to be haunted, and ghostly footsteps have been heard by visitors.

They also mention "little people" that Native Americans allegedly believe haunt the peak and it's trail and caves.

Check out the full article with even more backstory on what lies (or lurks) in the mountains, caves and trails near Cody.

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