After over a month in delays, Kanye West has finally released his much anticipated tenth solo album, titled "DONDA", after his late mother.

The album boosts 27 songs and a myriad of features from the likes of artists like Jay Z, DaBaby, Chris Brown and Marilyn Manson (yes, you read that right).

One of the high points of the album is a song called "Off The Grid", which features Playboi Carti and Fivio Foreign. The title in and of itself is an allusion to him famously moving from Los Angeles, California to Cody, Wyoming. The chorus states the reason for the move was for his family, meaning his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian and their four children.

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While Kanye didn't actually mention the Cowboy State by name, it was exceedingly implied in the chorus and even more so in his verse (which is the final verse of the song). The lyrics read:

First it go viral, then they get digital
Then they get critical, no, I'm not doin' no interview
Mask on my face, you can't see what I finna do
Had to move away from people that's miserable
Don't wanna link you, I ain't finna sit with you
Ain't finna talk to you, ain't finna get with you
Don't get me mad just 'cause I don't wanna injure you
She put my paintings inside of her living room
Look at the problems and issues I'm livin' through
They tryna drown me, I rise to my pinnacle
Walked through the block like the neighborhood general
Drop me the lo' and then that's where I send it to
I was forgettin' you, now I remember, now I remember
Did what I want, and I say what I want
And I thought you was with me, like how you get sensitive?
I got this God power, that's my leverage
I got this Holy Water, that's my beverages
I gotta help myself out of selfishness
I just bought a floor out of Selfridges
I gotta make sure they know who they messin' with
I gotta tell 'em sorry, they too delicate
I gotta stay with God where the blessings is
I ain't deliverin' Heavenly messages just for the hell of it
Don't try to test me, I keep it clean, but it can get messy
I talk to God everyday, that's my bestie
They playin' soccer in my backyard, I think I see Messi
And this money could never neglect me
I pray that my family they never resent me
And she fell in love with me as soon she met me
We both got it bad mama, bag is more heavy
We have to start countin', it's gettin' too petty
You not a real stepper, you can't overstep me
Just sit back and listen and watch how He bless me
He wait 'til I fall and then pull up and catch me
Your check is too small, you can't run up and check me
Nah, nah, I get 'em fast, see
You feel a way, then go pull up and get me
Might do somethin' wild if I feel like you press me
Nah, I get 'em fast, see
You feel a way, then go pull up and get me
Might do somethin' wild if I feel like you press me

What do you think of the new Kanye song? Here it in it's entirety below.

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