Until now, Regina George has been comfortably seated in the Mean Girls driver's seat, but 11 years after the film's release, it's your turn to play God of North Shore High School.

To compete with the likes of Super Mario and Kim Kardashian: HollywoodMean Girls will officially become a video game by this year's end, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and pick up where Lindsay Lohan's Cady Heron and her Plastics frenemies left off.

According to the site, the free game will allow viewers to enroll in the story's fictional high school, where they'll interact with characters from the film until their social fates are decided. So...kind of like Zelda, but with neon cosmetics and much fewer elves.

"You as a user make choices that can affect the storyline," said Jameel Khalfan of Pocket Gems, which is creating the game. "What clothing you are wearing, what you do, the characters that you talk to—every choice you make will affect what happens in the story."

Khalfan insisted that the company worked closely with Paramount to ensure the game honored the movie's reality. THR also reported that Kirsten Smith, who wrote teen film classic 10 Things I Hate About You, will write the game's story.

Plan to download a copy of the Mean Girls game? Tell us what you hope the post-film story will include.

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