If you were a fan of 8 Mile, might be a new flick in the works from Mr. Mathers soon, based on the "Grand Theft Auto" games.   Would you watch it?   Story below:

Eminem had the top-selling album of 2010 with 'Recovery,' but he's ready to temporarily hang up the mic and get into character. Nine years after releasing his breakout film '8 Mile,' Marshall Mathers is rumored to be starring in the upcoming crime thriller 'Random Acts of Violence,' which is set to be produced by his Shady Films and distributed through 20th Century Fox.

The project, which has been in development for more than four years, was originally a loose interpretation of the plot of the popular video game 'Grand Theft Auto,' and has gone through several rewrites. The most recent draft of the script focuses on an ex-con who is back on the streets following a lengthy stint in prison, with his former gang and the FBI trying to woo him over to their respective sides. Attempting to exact revenge on those who put him behind bars, the ex-con plays them against one another.

David Von Ancken, who spent the past few years behind the camera for Showtime's 'Californication,' is lined up to direct the pic, even though he passed on the gig after reading a previous script. Last month, Em was tied to star in the boxing film 'Southpaw,' where he would play a boxer who fights his way to stardom and then faces a sharp downfall.

(via The Boombox)