Crews in Casper are busy replacing existing 5-section left-turn signal heads with new 4-section left-turn heads.  A total of 56 signals will be replaced at twenty-three intersections throughout Casper.

The five busiest intersections to be improved are 12th and Beverly, 2nd and Beverly, 12th and McKinley, 2nd and Walsh, and Center and Collins.  Crews will be working during off-peak traffic hours at these intersections.  The signal change is part of the recommendations made in Casper’s recent traffic study conducted by KLJ Engineering.

The current, 5-section left-turn heads allow for left turns at the beginning of the traffic cycle, turns are halted, and then through-traffic is allowed.   The new, 4-section left-turn heads will flash yellow at the beginning of the cycle while allowing through-traffic to flow.  At the end of the cycle, through-traffic is halted and, if vehicles are in the left-turn lane, the left-turn arrow will turn green allowing for turns.  The new lights will provide more safety and flexibility in time of day operations at the intersections.

The $64,546 project was awarded to Modern Electric Company.  The project is being funded by Optional One Cent funds.