Not everyone is a coffee drinker, but sometimes you still need that boost of caffeine to get you through your day. The brand new Soda Springs has you covered.

The new soda (pop?), shop is now open. Located at 4461 West Highway Street, in Mills, Soda Springs has just about everything your heart could ever need or desire to quench your thirst.

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of Pepsi products or Coke products. They have you covered either way. They have a plethora of different concoctions and mixtures for you to try or you can always create your own.

Soda Springs - DJ Nyke
DJ Nyke - Townsquare Media

I had the pleasure of speaking with the owners, Perry and Ana Dayton, about their new business and a little bit about their history in Wyoming. Perry stated:

We've been wanting to open a soda shop in Casper for about a year now, ever since we noticed how successful they were in other states. We've been doing market research and locating suppliers (I've been in touch with Coke/Pepsi for 6 months) all while trying to find a suitable location. We had everything in place, all we needed was a storefront and in October one that would work for us finally became available.

Ana and I have been in Wyoming since 2012, we lived in Laramie first while I went to school. We've been in Casper for two years, and came here to help manage a business office downtown.

Ana is a soda connoisseur so I knew she'd be great at coming up with the best recipes. We have over 45 original recipes, but the beauty is that people can customize or create whatever drink they want - we've already seen a lot of that. People have been very supportive and excited, Casper is an amazing place and running the shop has already helped us meet some great people.

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For someone like me that never drinks coffee, I'm overjoyed to have an option to get my daily caffeine and sugar fix.

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