The summer of 2020 saw a historic number of wildfires across the west. The Wyoming Hotshots were in the middle of many of those battles as this new video shows.

Shannon Sullivan shared this on YouTube today. It's the Wyoming Hotshots 2020 season.

In the video, it lists the wildfires that the Wyoming Hotshots were in the middle of. Here's the jaw-dropping list:

  • Post Creek, Wyoming
  • Little Book Cliff, Colorado
  • Lost Creek, Colorado
  • Trapper Creek, Wyoming
  • Sunset, Wyoming
  • Buffalo, Montana
  • Beaver Creek, Wyoming
  • Pine Gulch, Colorado
  • Cameron Peak, Colorado
  • Lewstone, Colorado
  • Brush Creek, Oregon
  • Holiday Farm, Oregon

That's a lot of fires. As the USDA site mentions, the Wyoming Hotshots dates back to 1967. Let's hope that we never see another summer of fires like we've seen in 2020. The danger these guys put themselves in the middle of shows they are the real heroes we should be saluting and emulating.

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