I actually touched on this subject last week when I was talking bad service at fast food restaurants, but I decided to elaborate. THIS GOES FOR ALL BUSINESSES!!! If the sign says closing at 10pm, then you should close at 10pm. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!!! Cell phones make sure everyone is on the same world clock now.

Now again, I understand wanting to go home after working a shift, especially a closing shift, but most retail jobs have side work and other essential clean-up and morning preparation duties to complete after closing time anyway. So it really upsets when I need to get a last minute tie because I forgot to pack one on my business trip and a department store closes 5 minutes early. Same thing goes for late night munchies... DON'T CLOSE THE DRIVE-THRU EARLY!!!

I look at like this: I can't leave my job early and neither can a lot of other professions. So why can you? Now that being said, I wouldn't roll into a Outback Steakhouse at 5 minutes until close and expect a 12 oz steak cooked to my liking (although technically, I should be able too), but if I show up 30-45 minutes before close, I better get the same service everybody else gets through out the day.

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