Here's where my OCD kicks in at the highest level. Whether in my wallet or in a cash register, nothing drives me more bonkers than money not all facing the same direction. I'm pretty sure this originated from my mother being a bank teller when I was little. I very vividly remember her instilling that in me before I even started school. Maybe that's why even to this day, I give cashiers the dirtiest look when they give me change and the money isn't all going the same direction.

Now I'm not so picky it has to always be face up (or face down) each time, but all bills should be facing the same direction and all either all up or all down. This use to be a requirement when I first entered in the job market in 1993. Have things changed that much in the last three decades? No wonder I use cash as little as humanly possible. Please tell me I'm not the only one this bothers.

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