You know what really grinds my gears? People that say: "you know what really grinds my gears". Okay, not really. But after I've paid my hard-earned money for something and I get half-@$$ed products, that does make me upset. Not to pick on any one national food chain (this pic just happened to be handy), but fast food joints need to step their game up. The above breakfast sandwich was actually served to a local customer. WTF?! REALLY?! That's obviously burnt. So it brings me to one of a few different conclusions:

  1. The cook was too lazy to make a new one.
  2. The cook thought the customer was too dumb to notice.
  3. The cook was too stupid to realize that this is not acceptable.

Now having worked fast food (once) in my entire life, I realize there are rushes and time constraints, but wrong is wrong and even my 2-year old daughter knows that that is not correct. Here is a list of things that totally tick me off at fast food chains:

  1. Cold Fries
  2. Soft Drinks That Are 3/4 Ice
  3. Incorrect Orders
  4. Old/Stale Food
  5. Dirty/Unprofessional/Snotty Cashiers & Managers
  6. Closing Early: if you close at 11pm... frickin' close at 11pm!!! Not 10:55pm!!! I can't leave my job until it's finished, why should you?

Allow me to reiterate, I understand your job sucks and most fast food employees are under paid, but that doesn't mean half-@$$ my order. You don't like your job... QUIT!!! There's a reason I've only had one fast food job my entire life. That line of work is not for me. Remember, Wal-Mart is ALWAYS hiring.


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