This is a problem that is only annoying to me, but I'm sure it financially impacts others. Must of us spend a few hours a day on one or more social media sites and we often get bombarded with mass amounts of video content. These videos can be anything from comical to spiritual to informative to music videos.

The problem arises when someone (illegally oftentimes) takes someone's YouTube video and then loads it on to Facebook's video player. Now it's all well in good if that video ends up going viral, but it takes away from the authors views, which in turn can cost that person. That's pretty much a form of copyright infringement.

A prime example: I recently did a story on a very skilled hula hooping lady by the name of Rachel Lust. I will admit, I originally saw one of her videos on Facebook, but I searched her out on YouTube. The initial video I saw, Rachel did not post herself AND commented on that she did not authorize it.

I don't understand why this is even an issue when you can post AND view YouTube context on Facebook. I'm sure this only bothers me because I'm an artist and would be very upset if this were to happen to me.


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