The boys of One Direction are chock full of personality, and it was seemingly oozing from their pores when they appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' via Skype to compete against each other in a scavenger hunt!

It was Harry, Zayn and Liam (or as Jimmy referred to them, Team HLZ) against Niall and Louis, who were Skyping from their dressing rooms in Nashville, Tenn. After the boys shook virtual hands, the game was ON! Their first task was to create toothpaste mustaches on their faces; the point went to Team Niall and Louis, though we don't know why since Liam crafted quite the impressive goatee.

The next challenge (the best one in our opinion!) was for the British and Irish boys to speak in an American accent. This did not disappoint! Team HLZ really just sounded like a bunch of stoned surfers, but Harry had us dying when he yells, "Yeah! I live in the valley!" However, Niall gives quite the speech in a pitch perfect American accent with a Southern twang. Second point goes to HLZ, probably because the perfected the So-Cal attitude.

The last part of the scavenger hunt is sure to send Directioners into a tizzy seeing as the guys had to put their underwear over their pants. The point and victory went to Team HLZ only because Harry went above and beyond and came back in just his skivvies!

The boys whole appearance on Jimmy Kimmel was to promote their upcoming movie 'This Is Us,' which they just released a trailer for. This documentary looks absolutely hilarious! We can't wait for it to come out!

Watch the Trailer for One Direction's 'This Is Us'