Sometimes it’s hard to be a parent who has kids in sports, when they win, it’s great but when they loose, it can be pretty saddening.  But, as my parents always believed, it’s just a part of growing up, and sometimes loosing can teach our kids how to be better sports when it comes to loosing, and that they gave it their all and should be proud of themselves.  It's an opportunity for kids to  learn by the mistakes, take it on the chin, and prepare to win next time.  But what if your child’s high school football team looses 91 to 0?!!!

Well, it happened in Fort Worth,Texas, where Aledo High School beat their opposing team Western Hills 91-0, and even though both coaches handled their win and loss with grace and dignity, one parent from Western Hills has decided to file a bullying complaint against Aledo High School after beating her son’s football team so badly.   What do you think, is this parent right, or do you think this parent might be going a little overboard?  What kind of example do you think this parent is setting for his son?