When you're wrong, you have to admit to being wrong. This is me stating that.

I am a Wyomingite through and through, having been born in Casper, although not raised here. Adding the last 18 years, I've now lived in Wyoming longer than I have ever lived in one place. However, I don't always do things the most Wyoming way, including the way I pronounce certain words. For one, I saw "pop" instead of "soda".

Apparently, I'm also in the minority for the way I pronounce the word "via". The majority of Wyomingites, a whopping 62%, say it with a long "e" (as in: vee-yah), with only 23% saying it like me, with a long "i" (as in: vi-yah). There's also about 15% that say it both ways, depending on what comes to mind first.

While I'm pretty sure I'll continue to say it my way, I still recognize when I'm not following the norm, so please forgive me ahead of time. I'm a little too old of a leopard to change my spots now.

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