Rihanna already set the stage for her 'What Now' video, saying it would be a little demented. It's certainly eerie, with multiple, apparition-like RiRis dancing and thrashing about in a room, possessed by something we can't quite explain.

Or maybe it's something we don't want to know more about.

The sexy singer is positioned both light-walled and dark-walled rooms, wearing a slip dress of the same color in each stark, plain dwelling. She contorts and twists her body like something else is inhabiting it as she switches between the dark and the light.

Who or what has gotten a hold of Rihanna? Is it love? An otherworldly spirit?

You decide.

But take a Dramamine first. All the quick-paced visuals and herky jerky action (and the animal kingdom scenes at the end) might make you a little nauseated.

Rihanna is the video's only occupant, but she's all we need. Plus, she had us thinking.