How did you start your week? If you're like one family in Riverton, you woke up with a very large moose likely looking for a girlfriend in your yard.

I came across this special early morning moment that was shared on the Wyoming sub-Reddit page. The person who shared it mentioned this was directly across from their aunt's home in Riverton. Imagine this very large visitor staring at you as you woke up to face the day.

I mentioned the possibility that this moose was looking for love due to the fact that this is right in the heart of rutting season for moose as the National Park Service mentions:

Moose are very active during the peak of the rut (late September, early October). Bulls dig rutting pits, fight, and mate. Cows wallow in pits, are pursued by bulls, and feed. By the end of the first week in October, the rut abruptly ends and moose return to their lives of eating and resting as they prepare for winter.

As Outdoors documents, an encounter with a bull moose normally goes one of two ways. If they see you, they'll sometimes flee the area to avoid danger. Other times, they'll make you leave the area by charging you. Especially during the rut, the second option is much more likely.

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The city of Riverton doesn't have moose visitors often, but due to the proximity of the Wind River Range nearby, you never know when Bullwinkle might end up right in the middle of your yard.

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