How good is the ranch life in Wyoming? This. There are new pics and video of the absolutely gorgeous Snowy Range Ranch located 30 minutes from Laramie, Wyoming.

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I first came across Snowy Range Ranch thanks to a new video share on Vimeo. Behold iconic Wyoming landscapes.

Swan Land Company has a new listing for this beautiful place including a large number of sweet pictures. If someone claims that Wyoming ranch life is boring and dull, show them this.

See the Gorgeous Snowy Range Ranch 30 Minutes from Laramie

Here's a snippet from the listing describing what this ranch is like:

Snowy Range Ranch is a recreational cattle ranch bordering the Medicine Bow National Forest and located along the north, middle, and south forks of Mill Creek, just 26 miles northwest of Laramie, Wyoming. With excellent wildlife habitat consisting of timber, aspens, alpine meadows, deep draws, rock outcroppings, native grasslands, and excellent cover along Mill Creek, the Ranch consistently produces trophy elk.

The Wyoming ranch life isn't free. Current asking price as of this writing is a cool $10.5 million. That's a lot of zeroes on the left side of the decimal point, but I have no question it's worth it.

I've shared a few pics, but there are even more on the Swan Land Company website. Truly one of the most beautiful parts of the state that someone will end up with.

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